If you’ve dealt with the fire escape in your building, you’re probably aware that it needs to be well maintained. It is simple, knowing that fire escapes aren’t really an efficient mode of egress, which fire escapes still need to be maintained well. As an owner of a property, you need to conduct regular inspections just to check to see if all the bolts and fastenings are in place or not. Services like Fire Escape painting in Bronx are an essential part of achieving that. With painting, you can give enhance the complete look of the fire escapes and also the external impression of your building as well. Here are few tips on how to paint and refurbish your fire escapes.

Fire Escape painting

Things You Need For the Project

There are several things that you might require on hand to paint properly your fire escapes. Consider the list below:

  • Wire Brush

It is required to scrape away the old paint and rust that can be accumulated.

  • Liquid Detergent

Liquid detergent is important. It can be used to clean the metal completely so that you can apply the new treatment on it.

  • Rags

Rags can be used to wipe off the fire escapes.

  • Paint Brush

It needs to be applied at the time of painting. Make sure you picked a good quality brush.

  • Rust Inhibiting Primer

This solution is needed to protect the fire escapes from further damage.

  • Paint

For fire escapes, you’ll need an enamel-based or oil-based exterior paint.

The Work Process

Use the wire brush to scrap away the existing rust and paint. You need to make sure you apply a firm hand and remove all traces of damage. You also need to inspect the welded joints and corners carefully.

After that, dissolve some liquid dish washing detergent in warm water and clean the surface carefully. Then it is really important to dry the fire escape thoroughly with the rags after cleaning g is done.

Next you need to do is apply the smooth and even coats of rust primer on the fire escape. Make sure you cover the entire fire escape. Finally, apply tow coats of paint after the primer is dry.

The process of applying paint to fire escape is pretty simple.

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