Many hire concrete work contractor based on two things – cost and experience. An organization associated with Concrete Work in Fort Lee needs to be hired after considering some other aspects. Here are the top 8 questions that you need to ask to a concrete contractor.

Concrete Work in Fort Lee

  1. Do You Complete the Entire Work or You ‘Sub-Out’?

To make up for limited resources, many contractors of Concrete Work in Fort Lee rely on other organizations and individuals to complete some of the tasks. Naturally, when this happens, the standards of the also decrease at times. Time can be lost, including mounting of additional fees. Moreover, this type of work also dampens the quality issues.

  1. Does Your Work Involve Demolition?

Outsourced demolition work can add significant delays and can incur additional costs for any project.

  1. Does Your Work Involve Removal of Old Concrete?

Concrete removal is a hard job. It takes both time and resource. A professional concrete work contractor ensures the removal of the old concrete is disposed of quickly and efficiently.

  1. Does Your Quotation Include Gravel?

Any mason would know that concrete should never be poured directly onto bare ground as it isn’t good for a strong base and foundation. To ensure a strong and proper foundation, you should always make sure what type of work procedure they follow.

  1. Do You Use Quality Concrete?

Only credible concrete provider can supply quality concrete materials

  1. What Tactics Do You Apply in Preventing Cracking?

Cracking happens only because of the nature of the product. Cracking can occur at anytime. Cut lines are placed to release pressure and minimize cracking.

  1. What Do You Use For Reinforcement?

Concrete work is strong but reinforcement is also necessary. Reinforcement helps to make it stronger and mitigate any cracking that can occur.

  1. For How Long You Have Been In The Business?

Longevity is the testament to any contractor’s work. Longevity ensures quality, reliability and simplicity.

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