Sidewalks are generally constructed with public funding by municipalities/governments or as part of private site developments. Many residential neighborhoods and municipal business districts have sidewalks along with sidewalks providing public access throughout communities. The general perception is that maintenance and repair of sidewalks are the responsibilities of the city municipal authorities, though this is not necessarily the case. If you an owner of the commercial or residential property, then you’re also responsible to keep your adjacent sidewalk of your property properly maintained and repair. If you have a property with a Concrete sidewalk in Bronx, then you need to understand the importance of your role in this matter.

Rules and Conditions for Sidewalk Maintenance and Repairs Work Including

  • Height differential or separation bigger than ½ inch
  • Cracks, separation or hole larger than 1 inch in width
  • Sidewalk piece that can be separated with minimum foot pressure
  • Undermined sidewalks

Duties and Expense of a Property Owner

As a property owner, it is really important to understand your role as a property owner about duty, burden, and expense of repair and maintenance of Concrete sidewalk in Bronx. Like Bronx, several cities have adopted resolutions that needed by property owners to maintain sidewalks fit and safe for public use.

Types of Sidewalk Repairs and Maintenance

Sidewalk repairs and maintenance is a much-used term. It includes:

  • Concrete Grinding
  • Slab Jacking
  • Filling of Cracks and Holes
  • Tree Root Maintenance
  • Complete Removal/Replacement of Damaged Walks

Maintaining the City Standards

Repairs also need to be performed in accordance with current city standards. Most repairs will require the hiring of a competent sidewalk concrete contractor. Typically, sidewalk damages caused by city trees are also the responsibility of the city. Damaged sidewalks caused by private trees are also the responsibility of the property owner.

Before working with your local municipality concerning sidewalk maintenance and repair, it is really important to have a chat with the city municipality or government.

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